Monday, 7 January 2013

Need Video Inspiration? Visit Vimeo.

There’s no doubt that YouTube has revolutionized the world of video and played an incalculable role in inspiring new film-makers, allowing them a venue to showcase their work, and establish a community of people interested in the art of story-telling through video.

…But it’s also allowed for a lot of idiots to take horriblyframed, shaky iPhone videos of people falling off roofs.

For those who are serious about the quality of their work and want to brand it within a community of higher quality video, YouTube might not be the place to be. If you fancy yourself a bit more cinematically-minded than Chris Crocker, you might want to make your home at Vimeo.

Like YouTube, Vimeo allows users to upload and showcase their original work for free (with fancier paid options as well of course), but the atmosphere of Vimeo feels more artistically inspiring than YouTube’s endless catalog of vloggers and dumb pranks. Vimeo is a playground for experimentation. Vimeo is meant to engage and inspire, and has cultivated a community of video-makers who fuel each other’s creativity, pushing them to stretch their skills and create beautiful work that pushes the boundaries of what has come before. Even the cat videos are more innovative


Whereas the “related videos” of YouTube tend to be a crapshoot, leading you down a never-ending rabbit hole of the bizarre, uninteresting, and downright unrelated, one could spend days wandering aimlessly through Vimeo’s collection without ceasing to find high-quality, thought-provoking material from amateurs and professionals alike.

This isn't breaking news. Vimeo has been around since 2004 and is the second most popular video sharing site behind YouTube, yet many video lovers and creators are not yet aware of what it has to offer that YouTube does not. Especially now that Vimeo is becoming increasingly brand-friendly and is even rolling out a new open platform which will allow creators to distribute and earn money from their videos (via pay-per-view service and “tip jar“ options), any filmmaker or brand who wants to monetize their work in this way should take note.

"The City of Samba"
Don’t get me wrong: YouTube is a great service that has a lot to offer. There's no doubt you want a presence on the Internet's second largest search engine, and with 60 hours of video uploaded every minute (one hour uploaded every second), YouTube’s dominance is clear. But, it’s not the only option. If you’re looking for material to inspire your next piece of work, or if you are looking for a spot to curate your videos that is somewhat more artistically-minded and long-form friendly, you’ll find it on Vimeo.

To get you started, here’s a sample of some of our recent finds in the realm of the inspiring, the imaginative, and the well-crafted.
"The Eagleman Stag"

Inspiring: “Holi” 

Imaginative: “The City of Samba” 

Expertly-crafted: “The Eagleman Stag” 

For more great Vimeo videos, check out their Staff Picks:

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