Friday, 15 February 2013

On Set: Bringing the Swagger to KIPP Houston

Last week we had a two-day shoot at the KIPP Academy here in Houston, Texas. We are working on a video for their annual gala this coming April and got the opportunity to film at the SHINE Prep elementary school, KIPP Academy middle school and KIPP Houston high school, all on the same beautiful campus.

The People [Filming] Under the Stairs. We're not weird at all...
We were covering a lot of ground, both physically and in the amount of footage we needed, so it was helpful having three cameras always at the ready.

Lunch time! Who wants a juice box?
We had one featured actress, 2nd grader Madison Padilla, who was a tremendous help to the project and a real professional! Smart as a whip, she took some time out of her busy day of learning about fractions (which we’re pretty sure we learned waaaaay later than 2nd grade) to lend her smile and acting skills to the video. Thanks, Madison!

This project also gave us a chance to try out our new fancy schmancy motorized slider, which allowed us to get some really nice timelapse footage of the students in their natural habitat.

Crew in his natural habitat.
 And now to the cutting room we go, off to complete one of our first projects using the Adobe Creative suite! (To read about why we made the switch from Final Cut Pro to Adobe and what we think of it so far, check out our previous blog post.)

Things we learned on this shoot:
1. KIPP students are very friendly and helpful!
2. Flying robot cameras are not super easy to use.
3. The chocolate lava cake from Domino's may look sad but it tastes DELICIOUS. 

It was a very educational shoot.
Big thanks to Tracie for making us at home during the shoot, and thank you to the whole KIPP family of faculty, staff and students for welcoming us into your world for a couple of fun days on set.

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