Monday, 2 September 2013

On Set: GEVO Refinery Opening

Last week we had the pleasure of helping GEVO document the opening of their newest Bio-Paraxylene/Bio-Jet Plant in Silsbee, TX.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony
While Swagger has worked with many oil and gas companies in the past, this was the first opportunity little ‘ol me has had to actually visit one of these refinery sites and have a look around firsthand. These were my highlights…

1. Nathan looking swag in his PPE.

And he makes a great Christi, don't you think??
2. What the heck does everything do???

Merf gave an all-star plant tour following the ribbon-cutting.
It’s certainly beyond me, but it was fascinating to hear industry leaders and a congressman talk about this new technology that’s being developed at this site, which will help to create more sustainable, greener chemicals, for products like water bottles and more! (If you'd like, you can learn more about this project and the work that GEVO is doing in the areas of sustainable chemicals and biofuels here.)

And last, but not least...


What more is there to say? That experience clearly takes the cake.

Congratulations, GEVO, on the opening of this exciting new site!

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