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3 Key Components in Finding a Good Video Production Company

I get asked frequently if Swagger Media is a ‘good’ video production company, and what sets it apart from other companies in the Houston area. There are many components that you have to take into consideration when defining ‘good’ in the video marketing industry. Does ‘good’ mean that we hold ourselves to the highest possible technology standards? Does ‘good’ mean that there are household names that we could effortlessly name-drop as our clients? Does ‘good’ mean that we are, quite simply, the BEST VIDEOGRAPHERS EVER TO BE SEEN IN HOUSTON?

My favorite shot from Swagger's SETMA Cares marketing video, 2011

Comparatively speaking, Houston has one of the better economies in the US right now and naturally there are plenty of video production companies Houston business owners can choose from. How do you go about choosing the best video production company for your marketing goals?

To really find out for yourself, you’ll have to take a look at your marketing goals, your marketing budget, and most importantly, what’s ‘good’ in your opinion. Here is my take on the 3 key components in finding a good video production company for you.

The first step in selecting a video production company is deciding what kind of videos you are looking for and how you’ll incorporate them to meet your marketing goals. Are you looking for a video production company that can offer each and every service that goes into videography from start to finish, including concepts, scripts, casting, location scouting, filming, lights & sound, editing, and final deliverables? Or do you already have some concepts in mind, and you’re looking for a company to simply assist in getting everything set up? 


The next step is quality – obviously an important factor when deciding on a video production company. Take a look at potential companies and their demo reel. Because ‘good’ is subjective, seeing companies’ past work can help you determine the ratio of good to bad in your opinion. To start with, are their projects shot with HD video? Is the editing seamless? Is original music incorporated in their videos?
Good and bad video ideas are subjective. Take a look at companies’ past work and see what you like, and what you don’t. Look at the Likes vs Dislikes. Comments. See if the video was talked about or mentioned on Houston or local blogs, Mashable or Buzzfeed. 
Zero Dislikes after three weeks? Not too shabby, my friends.

Next, look into what type of equipment is being used. Houston may not be LA, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t access to the best equipment available! Many video production companies have their equipment listed on their website, which will help you to answer a lot of questions. 

Swagger On Set with a RED Camera for one of our
commercial spots shot this summer.

Remember: don’t use a video production company just because their website lists the ‘best equipment’ out there (especially if they phrase it like that - I mean come on...). Watch their demo reel, view their work, and determine if they are utilizing their equipment in the best possible way. 

The last way to find out which video production company is the right one for you is to see if their style is compatible to yours. If you are looking for a commercial that has a cinematic quality with beautiful shots and imagery, you're not going to want to go with a video production company that specializes in viral videos which look like they were filmed on an iPhone. Make sure that you take a good look at their demo reel and past work so you can determine if your style matches theirs. 

Last Thoughts:
Before I even started working at Swagger, I knew that I liked what I saw from their website
I mentioned that 'style' is a key component in determining the best video production company, and from watching most of Swagger's work I knew that we had a very similar style - we both have a passion for storytelling

No matter what business you are in, or what your marketing goals are, you have a story. We all have a story to tell, and Swagger has a wonderful way of telling each client's story in a different and unique way. 

"Does ‘good’ mean that we are, quite simply, the BEST VIDEOGRAPHERS EVER TO BE SEEN IN HOUSTON?"

I certainly think so. 

What are the components of a good video production company to you? What is your story to tell? Give us a comment below or give us a shout on Twitter @swagger_media!

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