Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Look Inside: OSX Mavericks

The next major software upgrade for the Mac is here and includes many under-the-hood refinements and new features. Simply by installing Mavericks, you will notice a bit of a speed boost and battery gain in your Mac. Youll also find new apps, like Maps and iBooks. Its a fantastic upgrade, and the best part is that its FREE. I've spent the last day navigating and discovering some of the nearly 200 new features, and I'm excited to share some of my favorite new features with you.

1. My favorite new feature is Tabs. I always have five or more Finder windows open at a time, and I hated having to resize them all to fit on my screen. Now with Finder Tabs, I can easily consolidate all of my finder windows to one window and easily navigate between the several storage drives we operate off of at Swagger.

2. I have two additional displays connected to my Mac. A part of my job is converting, compressing, transferring data between storage drives, and uploading files, so I set up one monitor to manage all of my finder windows, Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, FTP, etc.  My other monitor acts as my viewing screen to watch all final outputs of our videos before we send them to the client. Until now I couldn't full screen any apps on my additional displays, which became frustrating when trying to review outputs. Even more frustrating is not having access to my dock on the display I maintained all of my Finder windows, etc. Finally the software has adapted to my workflow, instead of me adapting to it. Desktop with menu bar and Dock. Now each display connected to your Mac has a desktop with its own menu bar, no configuration required. The best part, the dock is now available when you move your cursor to the bottom of the screen, allowing you to easily access menus and apps from any display. Full-screen apps on each display. You can use full-screen apps on each display connected to your Mac. All you have to do is swipe on the trackpad or mouse to switch between full-screen apps.

3. App update notifications always pop-up at the most inopportune time, especially the ones that require a restart. In the past, I would click on the notification just to get the annoying thing out of my way. If it didn't require a restart I would go ahead and install the update. If it did, I would close it out, then I would open reminders to set a reminder for me to update the app at the end of the workday. Now with Install Tonight, if an update requires a restart, or if an app cant be updated because its running, youll receive a notification that lets you choose when to apply the update. If you choose Try Tonight, the update will be installed between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. No more reminders, no more extra step.

4. This new feature makes returning files sent to me from our clients simple and easy. No longer will I need to download the file, update it, go back to mail, search for the email (that is now buried under 100 other emails that were received during the time it took for me to update the file), re-attach it and hit send. Return files. Files that you receive have a Share menu option to return the file to the sender, so now I can open an email attachment, edit it, and send it back with just a few clicks,

5. I constantly switch back and forth between applications while working on a project (or often several projects at a time), which eats up my memory and ultimately slows down my system. With Compressed Memory, when your systems memory begins to fill up, it automatically compresses the least recently used items in memory. When these items are needed again, they can be uncompressed right away.

So you may have noticed a theme, I'm totally digging all the features that help improve my workflow (yes, guys, I will add a quarter to my jar... you will have to check out my next blog post to understand the meaning of this). Comment below and let us know what are some of your favorite (or least favorite) features in OSX Mavericks.  Has it been helpful to you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at us @swagger_media. And if you haven't downloaded Mavericks now, DO IT NOW!


  1. I love the new safari energy saving features while on battery on the mbpro and the new calendar app with the ability to integrate locations/maps/time till arrival etc. What do you think about the new icloud keychain changes?

  2. I'm always a little skeptical with anything that stores your private information, but the security protocols used for iCloud keychain are legit. I'm a huge fan of the apple ecosystem, iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air (or Pro), Desktop, so I love the fact that my username and passwords are now accessible to all of my devices (with autofill), and my accounts are pushed to all of my devices. I like the password generator. I'm always trying to come up with secure passwords, but I battle between secure and easy to remember, and easy to remember always wins. With the generator,I can have a secure password created, and with iCloud keychain, I don't have to remember it (right away:) All in all, pretty cool.