Monday, 14 October 2013

Creator's Block and What Inspires Me

Working in the creative industry can, at times, be slightly overwhelming.  I mean, the demand alone to create visually appealing, beautifully designed, well-crafted multimedia day in and day out isn’t easy. Sometimes the ideas populate your brain like words in a book, and you have to take the time to discern which of the many ideas is the best look for the project. Other times the process is like pulling teeth, and you can’t come up with one design concept, edit, effect, or look to save your life or your client’s project. Over time I have found the best way to cure 'Creator's block' is to find the things that inspire and motivate you to create. 

Whether it's music, film, TV shows, commercials, music videos or a combination of them all, there’s something that triggers your inspiration immediately when you look at it or listen to it. For myself it’s a combination of all of the above, and after much debate, I’ve decided to share with the Swagger World what inspires me when I need a bit of inspiration.

 I firmly believe in order to work in the media industry you must be crazy. It takes a crazy person to conceptualize the television we watch, the music we listen to, the commercials we can’t help but enjoy (despite wanting to skip them). This commercial reaffirms that it’s okay to be crazy, which inspires me to get crazier and crazier with my work.

2. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

This album always gets my creative juices flowing. There’s something about the way each track flows effortlessly into the next which creates this beautiful sound. My mind begins to wander and my ideas begin to flow.

3. City of God

This film has some of the best stylistic film editing I’ve ever seen, with a brilliant use of jump cutting and cutting between two different sets of action. This is incredibly technical editing at its best.

It is particularly spectacular even from very start of the film, as it has to introduce the main characters immediately. This film reminds me of just how important editing is to telling the story of the film; the editing inspires me to be a better editor.

The first episode of Lost is the best first hour of TV I have ever watched. I thought I was watching a film the entire time. It's beautifully shot, with amazing editing, and well-written. I wish I had half the brain it took to develop such a phenomenal show.  Every time I watch this episode, it inspires me to write.

What in particular inspires you? Are you most compelled by music, film, books, or a combination of everything? Tell us about your inspirations in the comments below!

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