Monday, 25 November 2013

The 3 Best Un-Holiday Holiday Movies

Wow. It's finally here. The Holiday Season has arrived. As we all know, the best thing about the holiday season isn't the music (you're already sick of that and we haven't quite made it to Thanksgiving yet), the food (which is totally a love/hate relationship; you love to eat it, but hate how it makes you feel afterwards), or the presents (well... presents rule). It is, however, THE FILMS.

The thing is, some of the best holiday films are not technically holiday films at all. In fact, in my three favorite [un-holiday] holiday films, the holidays are just the backdrop of more prominent themes like drugs, murder, and poverty. So if you're looking to get away from the traditional dysfunctional family (Home Alone, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation), Good vs. Evil (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas Carol), and the Hero-Saves-The-Day holiday films, check these out. I promise you'll be in for a treat.

3. L.A. Confidential

Nominated for 9 Academy Awards, L.A. Confidential is the perfect homage to the film-noir style of film. This film reminds us of a tragedy that occurred on Christmas Day when 6 prisoners were attacked by 50 or so police officers. This real event (Bloody Christmas, Christmas Day 1951) is beautifully brought to life by a brilliant ensemble cast including Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce, Danny Devito and James Cromwell. Note: L.A. Confidential is one to watch once the kids have gone to bed.

2. The French Connection

Holding the honor of being the first R-rated movie to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, The French Connection stars the great Gene Hackman and Roy Schneider as NYPD detectives who made a simple drug bust that led them to the largest heroine smuggling syndicate in the world. Power-backed with a chase scene and Gene Hackman in a Santa suit, this thriller is sure to keep you glued to the screen.

3. Brazil

Set during the Christmas season, this masterly-crafted film vividly depicts a story about the power of imagination as it battles the pwoer of oppression and hopelessness. I love this film, because it really make me thinka bout our society, the government, technology, human behavior, love and how they all impact our every day lives. The characters and themes are so complex it's hard to take it all in after one viewing. Don't believe me? Check out this itneresting, weird, yet amazing scene from the film.

Writing this paragraph made me realize two things about this film- it's hard to summarize, and it's so awesome I can't just pinpoint one reason why. So if you're looking to give your brain an exercise after spending hours mindlessly gift wrapping, watch this film. A must-see for any time of the year.

So what are your favorite un-holiday holiday themed movies? Let us know by commenting below or tell us on Twitter @swagger_media.

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