Monday, 2 December 2013

How Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Increases the Importance of Video & Other Interactive Content

Search engine optimization is a key phase of post-production for any website that is launched. Specifically for business owners who thrive on reaching their clients through social media and search engines, search engine optimization becomes more than just an investment; it becomes a necessity. Traditionally, to rank on the top search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN, your site has to have three elements: keywords, rich content, and functionality. Previously, Google was known to use such algorithms as "Panda" and "Penguin" to rank websites, and recently has implemented a new "Hummingbird" search algorithm, which is meant to be "faster, more precise and better." Generally, this algorithm has placed a greater emphasis on having a responsive solution to your video, images, and text content on your website.

How It Works
The "Hummingbird" algorithm is meant to be an even better solution for businesses looking to market online! It tailors to responsive content, mobile usability, and also keyword semantics. That is to say that "Hummingbird" provides better results for what the keyword means rather than what the keyword says. With Hummingbird, voice searches are now optimized as Hummingbird will understand better when a person asks "how to fix my car when it doesn't start" rather than having to say "fix car not start." On the responsive side, Hummingbird ushers in completely responsive design to the Internet world. If it was recommended to have a responsive site in the past, with Hummingbird it is a necessity. Mobile content delivery has been in heavy demand with the rise of smartphones and tablets. Statistics show that mobile-only searches account for about 46% of Google's searches. This makes it imperative to have a mobile website that delivers rich content and also has great functionality. Because video content is more user-friendly, this means a boost for website owners who implement video content that is useful to their audience.

How it Affects Businesses
Businesses will now have to take it a step further to market their products in a full multimedia spectrum. In the past a business would choose one of these realms to invest in, such as photos, videos, audio, website, blog, mobile site, mobile app, etc. Businesses are now needing to invest overall in these services to have enough rich content to deliver on their website that will keep them ranked above their competition; also, with the mobile age rising more and more, they need to be able to deliver their content across the board.

How Business Can Take Advantage
Businesses can take advantage by properly delivering their goods and services through their media. Making it a point to create the best videos, audio, photos, the richest content only makes for better interactivity from their clients. Having such content on board also makes it easier for businesses to present themselves, display their works, and show their goals. This can help market the business at all times, make it easier to create training videos and workshops, and become a more efficient method of presentation.

Overall, the new algorithm "Hummingbird" is a push in the right direction. Now site owners are forced to crack down and make their sites interactive and functional, as well as responsive. This just means a better experience for everyone in the end.

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