Monday, 24 March 2014

The Top Ten TV Characters with SWAG

*WARNING: Spoiler Alerts.

1.         Jax Teller- Sons of Anarchy

It sure isn't, Jax. It sure isn't.
No one in Charming has as much SWAG as Jax Teller. His swift walk and smooth talk has landed him at the head of the table.  Last season, his SWAG saved his family and club; let’s hope he has enough SWAG to keep them legit.

2.         Don Draper- Mad Men

Every lady wants him, every man wants to be him. Don Draper's SWAG is undeniable. Whether it's selling ice to an eskimo, or sweet talking the next notch in his belt, Don Draper ALWAYS gets what he wants.

3.         Walter White as Heisenberg- Breaking Bad

Who knew a hat could give so much SWAG? Walter White as 'Heisenberg' proved that Swagger isn’t just something you have to be born with, it's also something you can gain. Being diagnosed with cancer, cooking meth to pay for treatment, and killing anyone that came between him and his money, gained him more SWAG than he could handle.

4.         Frank Underwood- House of Cards

Frank Underwood getting to the White House without ONE SINGLE VOTE is the definition of SWAG. First time I saw Frank walk into the Oval Office, I knew that one day he would OWN it.

5.         Jack Donaghy- 30 Rock

Jack Donaghy knows he has SWAG, and that's reason enough to add him to the list.

6.         Jaime Lannister- Game of Thrones

Jaime Lannister’s SWAG took us from hating him in Season One and Two to falling in love with him in Season Three. Now let’s hope the King Slayer doesn’t lose the love in Season Four.

7.         Darryl Dixon- Walking Dead

Now that's SWAG.
I only hope that when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, I have enough SWAG to face the walkers like Darryl.  

8.         Stephen Holder- The Killing

Every word out of Holder’s mouth drips with SWAG. Thanks to his street SWAG we finally found out (after two seasons) who killed Rosie Larson. 

9.         Jack Bauer- 24

Jack Bauer has so much SWAG not even a clock can get in his way.

10.       Claire Underwood- House of Cards

Claire Underwood is the baddest (shut your mouth) to ever hit the White House. There is no one more cunning than Frank Underwood, except for Claire Underwood. In less than a year, Claire went from a Senator’s wife to a first lady. Now that has SWAG written all over it.

Who belongs in your top ten of TV characters with the most SWAG? Comment below or tweet to us @swagger_media!

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