Monday, 9 June 2014

The 4 Best FREE After Effects Tutorial Sites

When I went to college to learn how to design, they handed me the manual to the software program I was to know how to use, and our homework and projects were simply to do all of the tutorials in the book. I found it to be an excellent way to learn the program. After all, the book that comes with the software is likely to be the most involved and show you more of the ins and outs than any other book or beginner's tutorial.

However, learning doesn't stop with a diploma, especially in the video production and design world. Software is always upgrading, film is turning into data, data is getting smaller, the disks that data is going into are getting smaller while holding more information... It happens everywhere.

The first cellphone
The future cellphone...
...unless Samsung has anything
to say about it.

Like our cell phones, software programs evolve. How does one keep up? What if you are proficient in one program and it goes hand in hand with another program you are the OPPOSITE of proficient in??

Adobe After Effects is one of those programs that always seems to be evolving; there's always something new to learn with each upgrade. How can you keep up with such new knowledge, and what is the most efficient way, you ask? This is where tutorial sites come into play. The following are the most helpful sites I have come across whether it's for learning best practices or learning how to do something completely new.

1. Creative Cow

One of the original greats, the tutorials and navigation can be dated, but the information and techniques you gain from those tutorials can help you with whatever you're working on. They are always updating, and you can join the forum for any questions or issues you run into. One tutorial I find myself frequenting is a 3d carousel with images. Perfect for beginner to intermediate After Effects users.

2. Tuts+

OK, not ALL of the tutorials in this website are free but the ones that are, are great!  This is more for intermediate users, but they have a whole series just for beginners! If you are good at following direction, don’t let an advanced tutorial scare you.

3. Motion Works

This is a great tutorial site for the designers looking for extra techniques and ways to "make it look great". This is not a 100% free website, either. They have a shop where you can buy some great tutorials, but the free ones are wonderful and you get all sorts of neat information and tips for your projects.  Just take a look at some of the “hidden gems”.

4. Video Copilot

This is the best and most in-depth tutorial site for After Effects the Internet has to offer. Andrew Kramer is my personal After Effects hero and if you delve into the tutorials you will notice things that have shamelessly been used in modern marketing today. Perfect for beginner to intermediate After Effects users.

There are plenty of other sites out there filled with free After Effects resources, but these are the most informational. Is there a great After Effects FREE tutorial site I am overlooking or underestimating? I'd love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!

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