Monday, 21 July 2014

The 5 Worst/Best Michael Bay "Films"

Theres been a lot of chatter around the office lately about Michael Bay. Some of my co-workers can get down with a Michael Bay film and some despise him. I personally dont mind him. He is often criticized for his films lack of story, lack of character development and numerous explosions. But, somehow the studios keep giving him money to make films, which somehow still gross TONS of money (especially internationally).

I will be honest, I agree with the critics; very seldom does a Michael Bay film move me. I never walk away from the theater feeling a deep connection with his depiction of Optimus Prime. I do walk away seeing some of the best pyrotechnics in film Ive ever seen.  Come on, you must admit that no one does an explosion like Michael Bay. For that matter, no one does a highway car chase like Michael Bay. Michaels found his niche, what works for him, and who can blame the guy for capitalizing on it?

So heres my list of the top 5 most quintessential Michael Bay films, ranked from worst to best. Everyone seems to have an opinion on Mr. Bay's work so I'm sure you do too; Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Even better: rank your Top 5 Michael Bay films from worst to best. I look forward to seeing how it compares.

1.     The Island

I have to be honest; I have a huge place in my heart for Futuristic/Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller movies. Starring the beautiful Scarlett Johansen and Ewan McGregor, this film follows the character Lincoln Six Echo who lives in a Utopian facility. Lincoln vies for a transfer to The Island, the last uncontaminated spot on the planet, only to discover that its all a lie. What was Michael Bays inspiration for the destructive care chase scene? A flatbed truck carrying train wheels he spotted on the Palmdale. What an artist. This film never really comes full circle and we are left with tons of questions, the major one being how a place even existed without anyone knowing?

2.     Transformers

Transformers was one of my favorite childhood cartoons. I loved Optimus Prime. Like everyone else, I was super stoked to see this movie brought to life.  I wont give a description here, we all KNOW Transformers, and if you dont, watch the series on Netflix. I will be honest; Michael Bay didnt do a good job telling the story, no surprise. The loud explosions and fiery car chases kept my ears ringing and my bottom on the edge of my seat. This gets number 2 for better story and action than The Island.

3.     Pearl Harbor

Not your typical Michael Bay film, this story depicts the epic events surrounding - you guessed it- Pearl Harbor, told through the eyes of two young men, Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett). As always, the film left tons of plot holes. As a history buff, I was hoping for more and I hope to see a better remake in the future. Ive selected this for #3 because this is the only film of Michael Bay's that has somewhat of a story to follow, characters that the audience can relate to emotionally, and the basic story of the event is enough to move an audience. It gets a 3 because it could have been more. It climbed the cliff, but it didnt jump off.

4.     Bad Boys

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence play two cops who are partners in this crazy, action-packed cop drama, in which both men are trying to protect a witness while solving a heroin case. Michael Bays best car scenes are in this film. Will and Martin make you laugh and the explosions keep you on the edge of your seat. You cant help but fall in love with Mike Lowry (Will Smith's character). This is probably one of the best Michael Bay films, but because I prefer Bruce Willis, Sci-Fi, and Aerosmith, I had to make this number 4.

5.     Armageddon

Essentially, the world is getting ready to be hit by a major meteor that only roughneck oil workers can destroy. This sums it up. This movie has very little depth, but its fun to watch the explosions and stare at young Ben Affleck. This is the only movie ever to make me shed a tear. Yes, you read it right the ONLY MOVIE EVER! Bruce Willis choosing to save the world by sacrificing his life mixed with Aerosmiths I Dont Want to Miss a Thing makes for a total cry fest for me.

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