Monday, 4 August 2014

How to Keep Your Swagger in the Face of Adversity

It happens to all of us. One minute, you can be on fire: you know who you are, you have your creative vision, you're making it happen, your clients and colleagues are loving it, and you've got Swagger. For those that might not know, Swagger is a way of handling yourself confidently that non-verbally states, "Pay attention, I'm about to do something awesome."

Pictured: swag.
The next minute, you can catch fire: you forgot your popcorn in the microwave and in a panic you just kind of threw things around that maybe were highly flammable, and, well, let's just not get into that right now...
It's... it's not what you think.
So after the burns have healed and you're back to work, how do you retain your Swagger? How do you continue to project the same level of confidence that you had when you were ridin' high? It's easier than you think, and I'm about to tell you how.

1. Talk with a Smile

How can you keep your Swagger? Start with a smile. Speaking with a smile can really make a difference in how your communication is received, especially with today's common workflows where you may never speak with a client face-to-face but over the phone. Your smile communicates your Swagger through your tone. People will know you are happy to be helping and working with them, and they will in turn enjoy and value your work. Speaking of value...

2. Know Your Value

A part of your Swagger is knowing what you are worth and not letting anything make you appear otherwise. When you know your value, you're confident, fair, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. There is no room for negativity. Giving into your doubts can cost you dearly and lower respect clients and colleagues have for you. Value yourself and your Swagger will shine through in your work.

Swagger can't always be physically contained.
How can you fuel that sense of value? Mistakes.

3. Use Criticism as Fuel

When you think the work you delivered is golden and your client pretty much thought it was what they accidentally stepped in on the way to work this morning, that can really dampen your Swag. Hey, we can't win 'em all, and the important thing is you put yourself out there. However, if you think there is only one way to do things- YOUR way- and your client doesn't like that, well, you HAVE to think of another way to do it. Push your creative boundaries, grow from it, look for more things that could be improved on and strive for that. Own your failures and you'll continue to grow and get better with every project.

4. Own Your Swagger

Stand tall, stand proud, and engage your true Swagger. Swagger comes from within and can't be given to anyone. Engage your Swagger with physical communicators by listening with your eyes wide, nodding, leaning forward, ad really showing that you're into it. Swagger your way into your clients' hearts with your desire to work, listen, and produce an outstanding end product. After that, the rest will fall into place and once again, great things will be popping off left and right.

Be sure the things that are popping are what you intend.
There are countless ways to boost your self-esteem, productivity, and ultimately your Swagger. Let's talk it out in the comments and post some of your methods of keeping that Swagger Swaggin'!

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