Monday, 10 November 2014

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Clients This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year!  That’s right, the holidays!  Gourds!  Trees!  Stars! Figgy Pudding! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where people of all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, and social status come together in love and harmony while thinking “why can’t it be like this all of the time?” as they are fighting for their lives on Black Friday.

"This year's Black Friday is actually going a lot better than last year's."

While this time of the year brings around all your friends, family, and ugly sweaters, let’s not forget about another reason for the season: the clients! Over the years, SWAGGER has created many holiday media packages to help our clients incorporate their holiday cheer into their brand. 

A Holiday Greeting Card

How cool is it when you receive REAL mail and it’s not a weird credit offer or bill or other type of… shall we call it… “Junk mail”?  It’s a wonderful thing these days because it gives you that personal touch and disconnect from the digital world. At SWAGGER, we make custom designs and print cards for you. We'll send them wrapped and ready; all you need to do is sign and send.

Pro-Tip: Be sure to get all the employees to sign the card for that extra personal touch and pizazz.

A Cheerful Interactive E-Card 

Save the Earth and save some money with custom holiday e-cards! It’s an economical and fun way to show your clients you care and participate in this great time of year.  SWAGGER will design and code your custom E-Cards so that they can be interactive. They can include links to outside sources, funny holiday pictures, or even an animation or video. That's the power of coding!

A Social Media Holiday Campaign 

Social media is one of the best ways to interact with new and existing clients. At SWAGGER, we can give your social media accounts a holiday makeover. This includes a new, custom holiday cover photo and profile picture for each of your social media platforms. 

Like this awesome cover photo!

Maybe you are doing something special this holiday season? Let us help you promote it! We will create a social media campaign so all of your followers know about any events you may be hosting or specials you may have. 

Even if you aren't offering something special, you can still celebrate the season with personalized images to let your followers know you wish them the best. We'll help you spread the holiday cheer with email blasts, custom social media posts, holiday blogs to add to your collection, and much more!

A Season's Greeting Video 

Of course, we're biased on this last one because we just love making animations! This season, send your most favorite clients a short and sweet video to celebrate your business together. This video can be personalized per client, or be simple enough to send to all of your clients! Here are a few we've drummed up.

Incase you haven’t noticed, at SWAGGER we can provide all of these services for you, and in celebration of the season, we are going to enjoy the gift of giving. If you mention this blog post, we'll give you a special holiday discount on your seasonal services. This offer is for clients that are new or old, for any holiday greeting service or package you’d like. Cheers!

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