Monday, 15 December 2014

Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Editor You Love

It's that wonderful time of year again. It's time to spread joy and cheer. It's officially "the Holidays". Here at Swagger, we are extremely excited for the Holidays. We've selected our Secret Santas and little elves are dropping little pieces of Holiday Happiness around the office daily! Speaking of which...

'Tis the season for gift-giving!

It goes without saying that purchasing the latest Game of Thrones box set or the latest Apple gadget is a surefire way of winning with that lovely video editor in your life (face it, every creative person uses at least one Apple gadget, if not all). In my opinion, though, that's the easy way out, and that's what most will expect.

That's why I've decided, out of the kindness of my heart (wink wink), to compile a list of the top 5 gifts to give a Video/Film Editor. You can thank me in the comments below. :-)

1. Red Giant Color Suite 11
Regular Price $899. Sale Price $399 | Windows & Mac | Compatible with most editing software.

Every editor will tell you that color correcting can be extremely time consuming. So help alleviate the pressure by purchasing them this incredible color correcting plugin suite. This will get them home from the studio in enough time to enjoy the latest episode of Agents of Shield, and for a limited time, it's on sale.

2. Element 3D
$199 | Windows & Mac | Compatible with After Effects

Each year there is something our Post Supervisors want us to learn. This year, it's learning 3D. Element 3D extends what AE can do, giving you the ability to create "big budget-looking animations" that generally would require a 3D app (with a moderately high learning curve). The best part about this gift is there are additional plugins and packs that can be purchased, so around birthday time you can gift an additional pack. Two gifts in one!

3. CoreMelt Complete Pack
$200 | Windows & Mac | Compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCP7/X, Motion

Using the transitions that come with your non-linear editing software gets boring. Help the Editor that's dear to your heart impress his or her clients by purchasing this sweet set of plugins. CoreMelt Complete is a bundle of 8 plugin packs that contain 220+ video editing effects. It includes 2 packs of Transitions (Filmic & Grunge) that are particularly useful, as clients often want modern-looking transitions beyond what the stock transitions can do. Happy clients make for a happy Editor.

4. Hard Drive
$154.99 on Amazon - 

You can never go wrong with gifting a hard drive. A hard drive always fills up, or crashes right when we are in the middle of the biggest editing project of our lives. (And by now you know - every editing project is the biggest editing project of our lives.) A few things to keep in mind when purchasing the hard drive for your wonderful video editor.

  • - Make sure it's at least 7200 RPM Drive
  • - USB, Thunderbolt, ESATA... the more options to connect the better.

They will always remember the time that Zeus (all editors have a thing for naming hard drives after Greek/Roman gods) started sputtering, turned off, somehow turned itself back on, and they were able to reach for your drive to move footage off of Zeus, saving the project, and SAVING THE DAY.

5. Gaming Mouse
Varied cost | Should have at least 9 buttons | Windows & Mac compatible

$22.99 from Amazon -

Just about every video editor I know also moonlights as a gamer. What better gift, then, than a gaming mouse that can suit both their gaming AND video editing needs? I know, you're thinking, "Gaming mouse for video editing??" Yes, they can program their preferred video editing software shortcuts to each button. Now marking, splicing, and moving their footage can happen in just 3 clicks. I promise you, they will be forever grateful.

Honestly, I would die for any one of these gifts. (Hint hint to any of my family/friends reading this blog post.) I'm certain the editor in your life would love them too.

To all my editing friends out there, what's on your list for the holidays? Comment below and let me know what I missed!

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