Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Check Out Our SwaggerFest 2015 Winners, Y'all!

Well, the first SwaggerFest Film Festival has come to a close. We had so much fun last night at our online screening and couldn't be happier with the turnout. If, for some terrible reason, you missed out on the awesome SwaggerFest screening last night, we're here to give you the highlights. Here is a full list of our winners, as well as links to all of their videos.

Winner of Best Graphics:

Evil From Within from Juan Lacey and Miles Bentley

"Take a trip through the mind of a troubled teen as he takes you on a thrilling ride through his nightmarish reality.. or his realistic nightmare."

Winner of Best Editing:

El Valle from Catherine Denniston

"A slice of life of what it's like to live in the valley (Rio Grande Valley/Deep south Texas). There's a narrated poem that shows different aspects of the valley and what makes it great, and images to match the narration. The valley is always overlooked and many younger people who live there always want to leave; but there is charm there that makes it much more interesting than meets the eye."

Winner of Best Cinematography:

Fall in the U.P. from Cameron Malott

"For a few short weeks in October, the trees in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan provide a dazzling display of colors, featuring every hue from bright yellow to deep red. You never know what you’ll see on a walk through the woods…"

Winner of Best Directing:

Totem from Andrew Stout and Dennis Budde

"Flynn and Ethan can't remember if they're in a dream or not. Luckily they've both seen inception."

Winner of 3rd Place:

Emma from Rachael Acosta and Bradley Lien

"A teenage girl with an overbearing mother, has a dark secret."

Winner of 2nd Place:

Soy Latino from Eddie Zapata

"I wrote a poem and directed a video to go along with it. I wanted to address my perception of being a Latino student at a predominately white ivy league school. Addressing the issue of not only facing assumptions, but facing a burden of high expectations from my family, the video was my way of putting emotions out in the open."

And, drumroll please.....

Our Grand Prize Winner:

9 Words from Will Burney

"Inspired by Hemingway's fabled 6 word short story, 9 words tells a story of finding acceptance after a great loss."

We had so much fun with our first ever short film festival and we can't wait to do it again next year! So, if you're an aspiring filmmaker, get ready to Unleash Your Swagger! 

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