Monday, 9 March 2015

The Best Movies Ever Filmed in One Location

Just think how great it is to work in video production! Working on a movie or show like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings (NERD) and you’re traveling all over the world to get these magnificent shots and breathtaking scenes. It’s every production team’s dream to get to do stuff like that!

Well, welcome to the real world, where you are not working on Game of Thrones (and if you are reading this and DO happen to work on the production set of Game of Thrones, please contact me ASAP). In fact, in the real world, we have to go by a little thing called a budget. It’s not the most ideal working situation, but, honestly, what working situation is ideal?

Even having a few locations to film can be very expensive, that’s why we are focusing today on a money-saving strategy to limit the filming to a single location. When you’re low on cash and paying your talent with gas, filming in just one location can probably snag you an opportunity to buy everyone some donuts one morning, too. It also saves a bunch of time, which also saves you money because you might have rented something on a daily or hourly basis. One-location films are a great and fun challenge that any budget-conscious filmmaker should consider. It lets you focus on storytelling and character development, because you're not tied up in logistics or bogged down by distracting extempor. Hold on to your hats, because these incredible movies rocked a limited location and completely nailed it.


If you have failed in life and haven’t seen this movie, get out. Just get out of planet Earth. Now, if you're still here despite the previous protestations - this movie is set in a high school with a bunch of kids in detention. The only location is in and around the school.  How they made up for lack of location was incredible character development.  You start with a group of kids who all don’t know each other and pretty much preemptively hate each other for not being like themselves. Spoiler alert, they become friends. But the trailer gives that away too, so, I didn’t ruin anything.



Old movie in black and white about 12 jurors deciding the fate of a poor dude who may or may not have murdered someone. The main location is the room where the jurors are deciding if this one guy is guilty or not.  This is another great example of excellent character development and incredible acting.  This movie is so good that I won’t even do anything but put the ENTIRE movie below, courtesy of YouTube.


An all-time favorite movie and board game of mine, this charming movie was filmed in a mansion. A murder mystery and hilarity ensues because its cast has awesome actors like Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and other actors that when I see them in movies outside of Clue, I say something like “HEY! It’s Ms. White!” Clue is a story that keeps you intrigued, laughing, and even screaming, maybe.


Aside from a few flashback scenes, this movie is filmed entirely in a warehouse with suspense, comedy, violence, and monologues, because it’s a Quentin Tarantino film. The characters are absolutely amazing, the dialogue is captivating, and the shots are incredibly dynamic and creative, creating a Quentin T. classic.


This “one location film” is more special than the others because, although it’s filmed in one hotel, it is directed by 4 different directors; one for each of the Four Rooms, get it? The bellhop of the hotel visits each room on New Year’s Eve and becomes engrossed in 4 different stories that intertwine. It’s pretty seamless in the storytelling but each room screams of it’s designated director’s style, which is just beautiful. The movie is riddled with big name actors as well as excellent storytelling and comedy.


When you’re at work when you’re not even supposed to be there that day. You’ll get that reference after you watch the movie. This movie actually really drives the point about one location saving money in filmmaking because Kevin Smith was broke when he made this movie and was doing everything he could to save money.


Spooky scary!  This movie is a true (cult) classic, with the original Joker, Jack Nicholson, trying to write a book but this lady in the bathtub just won’t have it.  Because of this movie, I have to have a clear shower curtain and I have a nightlight on in my bathroom that stays on 24/7.  I never turn it off and I have a stockpile of spare light bulbs. Thanks, Stanley Kubrick, for forever ruining bathtubs for me. Oh yeah, this movie made the list because it’s only shot in and around the hotel. Here is a trailer that tells you nothing about the movie but also scares the living daylight out of you because that’s how genius Stanley Kubrick is. Sweet dreams!

Can’t get enough of movies that are forced to focus on storytelling, character development, acting, and ingenuity because they only had one location? Let’s talk about some more of our favorites in the comment section below!

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