Monday, 23 March 2015

Why Your Small Business Needs Video Marketing

Gone are the days when a video for your business cost more than your car and the only way to send it to customers was through expensive DVD mailers.  While you can still invest in high-end video, animation, or production, the options available to small businesses are vast and can be tailored to best fit your budget.  There are no longer any excuses why you can’t promote your company with a video and not doing so could be costing you more potential customers that you realize.  Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best uses of video to market your business.

1. Boost Your SEO

What you already know: Posting your video to YouTube not only places it on the most searched video database on the Internet, but also allows you to embed it on your website, share it with clients and promote it through paid search.  It’s also free!!!

What you may not know: Taking advantage of the description and tag functions allows you to pair relevant keywords and searchable phrases with your video (i.e. “1 Minute Guacamole Recipe” or “Hair Style Tips From A Pro”), increasing its relevance in search engines.  Over time, this increased relevance allows your video to climb higher in the search rankings and be seen over your competitors.

2. Convert Your Audience

What you already know: The average site visitor’s time is short and you want to capture their attention before they “bounce”.  Some visitors prefer to read about your company from just the home page, some will visit multiple pages, but, according to Forbes, 59% of Senior Executives (i.e. decision makers) would rather watch a video than read text.  Furthermore, 75% of executives watch a work-related video once per week and 65% visit that marketers website within that week.

What you may not know: Visitors to online retail stores are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about the product.  Even the App Store has an option for a teaser video. Do your product or service a favor by pairing it with a short, engaging video with a clear call to action that artfully describes what you’re selling, like this.

3. Tell Your Story 

What you already know: The best person to tell your story is you.  You don’t need the most expensive equipment on the market either (although you could go that route).  A video-enabled smart phone held firmly in place with little to no distracting noises in the background can set the stage for you to tell your customers why you are the best realtor/ yoga studio/online retailer in the industry.  Most phones and computers come with built in editing features that will allow you to include photos of your products and other footage of your business.

What you may not know: While you’re at it, find a happy customer and ask them for an on-camera testimonial.  This will not only boost your credibility, but could answer any questions that a potential customer out there has in ways you couldn’t see from the owners position. 

The bottom line is this: regardless of how much or how little you invest in a video promoting your business, the important thing is to ensure that it’s authentic, concise, and stays true to the spirit of your company.  If you have a fun, whimsical culture, celebrate it!  If you’ve got the resources to hire talent and a great production team, do your homework and check their referrals.  If you’re not sure how to proceed, reach out to a local association like the AICP to answer your questions.  Ultimately, your video will be an extension of your brand, so use it wisely and always remember that when in doubt, short and sweet works every time.

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