Friday, 15 May 2015

Our Work: Meet Your New Neighbors: Crosby

Client Overview:

Neighbors Emergency Center is a fast-growing network of freestanding emergency care facilities. Currently, there are 10 open locations across Texas and many more on the horizon. Neighbors Emergency Center is dedicated to providing the best possible emergency medical care without the long wait times and stressful environment that are the norm for most emergency rooms. In addition, they are driven to become valued members of each community they open their doors to.

Project Challenge:

With so many new locations opening so rapidly, Neighbors Emergency Center wanted to create something specifically for each new community, something that would communicate the passion behind their mission.

Action Taken:

We created a series of videos in which we visited each new location and interviewed one key member of that facility's team about why they're excited to open their doors to that community. We paired those interviews with B-roll and some acoustic melodies to emphasize the dedication to patient care embodied by every Neighbors employee.


This video is the first in a series created for the latest Neighbors Emergency Center location in Crosby, TX.

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