Friday, 12 June 2015

Our Work: A Look Inside KIPP

Client Overview:

The Knowledge is Power Program, or KIPP, is a national network of college-preparatory public schools whose goal is to prepare and send students from underserved communities to college.

Project Challenge:

KIPP wanted a video that would encompass how much they've grown since they began and how their mission has touched not only their students, but their teachers as well. This video needed to be genuine and moving to attract potential educators to the Knowledge is Power Program.

Action Taken:

SWAGGER Media visited a number of different KIPP locations and interviewed some of their most passionate educators. We spoke to them about what they love most about a day at school, how KIPP helps them improve as teachers and leaders, the atmosphere of each school, their relationship with their coworkers, and how all of those factors work together. We also interviewed a few students that attend different KIPP schools and whose lives were changed after attending to KIPP. We then cut together this footage with a series of b-roll shots gathered from shadowing the teachers. We consolidated the message in the cuts by using only the best of what each person said. We also accompanied each interview with a lower third graphic that included the person's name, title, and school. Finally, we added an underlying music track to keep the video moving, and a call to action graphic at the end.


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