Friday, 19 June 2015

Our Work: The Southwest Impreglon Team

Client Overview: 

Southwest Impreglon is a specialized coating facility located in Houston, TX. Through years of experience, the Southwest Impreglon team has perfected their coating process and now shares this method with their customers across all industries. 

Project Challenge:

Southwest Impreglon wanted a commercial video to advertise the array of services they offer, including over 300 coating solutions, as well as a number of pre-treatment options. 

Action Taken: 

We visited Southwest Impreglon and gathered a number of shots including their facility, storage areas, employees working on custom masking, testing quality, and applying layers of coating to hardware of all sizes. We then cut together this footage, utilizing split screen displays and multi-camera angle shots. In addition, we wrote a script to encompass all that they're capable of doing and had a voice-over artist come in to record. Finally, we added some text graphics to underline the audio and an animated version of the client's logo to wrap it up. 


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