Friday, 24 July 2015

Our Work: About the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas

Client Overview:

The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas is a group composed of highly trained hand specialists who are focused on performing minimally invasive procedures to relieve a series of hand and wrist problems.

Project Challenge:

The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas needed a video to demonstrate their knowledge as hand specialists, while encompassing the vast number of procedures they're capable of handling. They also wanted to emphasize their dedication to their patients and how they focus to ensure each patient receives the best care for their issue.

Action Taken:

SWAGGER Media visited the Houston location and interviewed some of their key members, including nurses, surgeons, and office administrators. We spoke to them about what sets them apart from other hand specialists in the area and how their techniques have made them the best in Texas. We also spoke about their minimally invasive approach and why it's their go-to method of choice. Finally, we shadowed the doctors during some of their appointments with patients and gathered a series of b-roll shots from around the office. We then cut together the footage and layered on some graphics to help identify each speaker. Finally, we added an underlying song and an animated version of their logo for their ending graphic.


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