Friday, 10 July 2015

Our Work: Flex Planning Product Demo from Altius

Client Overview:

Altius works to provide companies with tactical solutions to their business' problems so they can be successful. They've created a series of products to help business owners organize and manage their company's data and finances.

Project Challenge: 

Altius created a script that would cover some of the main features of their Flex Planning product. They needed us to create a visual animation that would take the viewer through the product's features while keeping them engaged.

Action Taken:

Our first step was to break down the client's script to better determine what all we would need to animate. Then, we hired and recorded a voice over artist to narrate the video. From there, we recreated the design of the software so that we could animate. We also designed our characters and began compiling all of the animated scenes. Finally, we found an audio track to score the animation.


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