Friday, 11 September 2015

Our Work: Lobby Loop - Brain Games


Lobby Loop is a service designed to provide engaging and educational content to patients sitting it the waiting rooms of their doctor's office. This is meant to keep patients engaged throughout their wait and minimize the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Project Challenge:

We needed to create enough content for Lobby Loop so the patients in the waiting room wouldn't end up seeing the same information more than once. On top of that the content had to be informational but engaging in a short amount of time.

Action Taken:

We developed a series of different videos and animation segments to rotate throughout the day. Our first step was to write a number of scripts focusing on different aspects of a main topic. We then had to hire actors, set up a green screen, and film the segments. Our biggest challenge on set was to get through the script in the allotted amount of time, with enough timing for animations and graphics. Once in post, we replaced our green screen background and added the graphics and animations on top of the video to go along with the script.


Though we developed an entire series of videos, here is one example of the type of engaging content we created. This video is called "Risk Factors of Alzheimers" and is featured in different time blocks of the day when presented.

If your medical practice is looking to increase customer satisfaction at a low cost, click here to learn more about what Lobby Loop can offer you. 

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