Friday, 2 October 2015

8 Ways To Increase Your Ad’s Click Through Rate

Online advertising can be a very powerful tool with which to increase your website traffic, create leads, increase brand awareness, and even grow your bottom line. However, in order for any of that to happen, your audience must first be enticed to click on your ads. How do you achieve that? You can start by following the simple tips below when writing your ad copy.

1. Tailor the ad language to your target audience

Keep the target audience's tone in mind when you develop ad copy for online ads. You'll need to determine which tone your audience responds to. Are you a B2B company trying to reach other professionals? Your target audience might respond better to a more formal tone. Are you a company who sells party supplies? Then you might have a better response rate if you use a colloquial tone.

The ad above is an example of good use of colloquial, even funny language in a Google ad.

2. Use high-impact words

High-impact words are words or phrases that instinctively grab people’s attention and get their interest. A few examples are: “free”, “best”, “sale”, “top-rated”, “free quote”, “free shipping”, “free trial”, etc. It is important that you only use these words on your ads when they truthfully pertain to your products or services. 

3. Include pricing information

Unless your products or services have high price points that would discourage your target audience from clicking on your ad, or you don’t have set-in-stone pricing, you should try to include pricing information in at least a few of your ads. Including pricing information will help you find out if your audience responds well to being given that information up front. 

4. Always include a call to action

Do you want people to call your business to find out more information? Do you want them to purchase your product online? Do you want them to fill out a form to get a quote? Then, tell them! By suggesting the next step your audience should take, you can increase both your click through rate and your conversion rate

5. Mention promotions

If you are running any promotions on your products or services, don’t forget to create ads that specifically mention that promotion. People love saving money!

6. Let users know exactly what to expect from the ad’s landing page

When people go online to find information, they don’t want to have to dig through multiple pages to find what they are looking for. Make sure that your ad copy accurately represents the landing page associated with it and the kind of information found there. 

7. Use proper punctuation

Improper grammar, spelling, or punctuation can turn people off from clicking your ads. Don’t compromise punctuation for the sake of fitting more characters into the headline or the body of your ad. 

8. Mention product specs and other practical info

If you are selling a product, mentioning the specs or other practical information on your ad is a good idea. It gives users a quick overview of what your product has to offer and it incites them to want to learn more if your product is, indeed, what they are looking for. 

At SWAGGER Media we understand that it can be overwhelming to manage one or more digital advertising campaigns and continuously ensure that all aspects of it, including the ad copy, are optimized. That is why our team of experts is here to assist you with all of your digital advertising needs should you ever need a helping hand. Just contact us through our online contact form or give us a call at 832-831-7592!

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