Thursday, 8 October 2015

Our Work: The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas on Trigger Finger

Client Overview:

The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas is a group composed of highly trained hand specialists who are focused on performing minimally invasive procedures to relieve a series of hand and wrist problems.

Project Challenge:

The client wanted a video about Trigger Finger that would educate potential patients about the condition and enlighten them as to how the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas could treat their problem with a modern and simplistic approach.

Action Taken: 

SWAGGER Media visited the Houston location and interviewed Dr. Khorsandi and Dr. Maximos about what Trigger Finger is, the steps the doctors take to diagnose a patient, and the different treatment options offered by the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas. Once in post production, we cut and color corrected the footage into a short video, added an underlying soundtrack and began 3D animation. We used 3D animation to demonstrate what Trigger Finger looks like inside the hand. Finally, we added some simple text graphics to visually reiterate what the doctors were speaking about and ended with a full screen, informational graphic.

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