Friday, 30 October 2015

The Easiest Color Correcting Tool for Adobe Premiere Editors

There are a number of softwares you could use to color correct your video, but when you’re on a budget, it’s usually best to choose a tool within your editing software. Now, even that can be tricky. In Adobe Premiere Pro, there are 17 different color correction tools, and that’s assuming you don’t have any additional plugins. Each of these tools works a little differently; some are designed to add effects or adjust certain colors in a shot, while others are meant to change the overall look.  When I need to color correct a shot, I always choose the RGB Curves tool. It’s quick, effective, and easy to use. I’m going to show you how to use it effectively so you can balance your color in no time.

Step 1: Apply the effect to your clip.
I usually stick with the default settings that Premiere determines. If you’re dealing with a really tricky shot, you may have to adjust those further, but for your basic color correction, you won’t need to touch them.

Step 2: Adjust your Master first.
The master will adjust the exposure and brightness of your shot, which is almost always necessary in color correction.

Step 3: Adjust your RGB.
You want to take it slow with these curves, a little can go a long way. You may find that you don’t even need to create actual curves to get the look you’re going for.

Step 4: Apply to the rest of your scene.

When I’m dealing with multiple camera angles, I set the color correction for one clip from each angle, then apply and adjust on all other shots. Premiere is great this way because it lets you copy and paste effects from one clip to another. I’ll watch my lineup again and add minor adjustments here and there, but the major problems have been remedied.  

Here's a before and after shot: 

When you have the time, I recommend exploring the many different tools your software has to offer. You may find that your secondary software is unnecessary and soon you'll be a color correcting pro! 

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