Wednesday, 23 December 2015

All The Right Keywords In All The Right Places

A story about pizza and the successful targeting of keywords for location-specific strategies.

Joe Shmoe of Joe’s Perfect Pizza Inc. did his fair share of research into what would be the best form of advertising for his new small business, and low-n-behold he discovered the greatest thing in advertising since deep dish…Google AdWords. He quickly set up his Pizza Delivery Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to ensure that whenever his customers were starving and searching for “delicious cheesy goodness” his ads would come to the rescue; appearing at the top of the Google search results offering hunger salvation fresh out of the oven, delivered within 45 minutes or less.

Logically, Joe setup up his geographic targeting for his paid search program within his delivery area; the small town of Myhomeville, USA. After realizing much success with his newly optimized PPC campaign, Joe began to wonder if there were even more opportunities out there in the form of starving customers. Joe knew that many of the townsfolk worked just outside of Myhomeville, to which he pondered, “How do I target those hungry workers driving back to Myhomeville that need pizza when they get home, but not attract clicks and calls for orders from people that reside outside of my service area?”

Location specific keyword qualifiers could be the answer! Joe set up a second campaign in his PPC program and labeled it “Location Specific Keywords”, and then began his research. He took his currently running keywords like “pizza delivery” and began adding Broad Modified location keywords with a “+” to formulate new keywords, like “pizza delivery +myhomeville”.

After researching and adding all of the neighborhood names and zip codes within his small town, he uploaded them to the Location Specific Keywords campaign and set the targeting to a radius extending from his pizzeria to where his customers worked, but excluded the town of Myhomeville; ensuring that those terms would only attract people outside his service area that were going to be ordering fresh pizza delivered to Myhomeville.

Before he knew it, Joe was getting call orders from hungry customers leaving work and requesting to arrive home to extra pepperoni with olives waiting by the door.

Joe continued expanding these new found geolocation keywords into his original campaign, with phrases like “pizza +near +me”, “best pizza place +nearby”, and “I’m starving who’s the fastest pizza delivery guy in +myhomeville?”

So, what we can learn from Joe is that the proper utilization of broad modified location specific keywords (including city names, neighborhoods and zip codes) within an expanded radius while excluding the currently targeted areas in other campaigns, along with including these same location keywords with “near me” variations in your geographical targeted campaigns, can increase your reach to new and relevant visitors; even if your business operations are limited by area.

Hope we didn't make you too hungry! So tell us, what are some of your keyword targeting tips? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet @Swagger_Media! And if you’re interested in creating a Google AdWords campaign but need some help, our team is here to assist you. Give us a call at 832-831-7592!

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